The founding lawyer JUDr. Eva Priehodová, née Wiedermannová, completed her master’s degree in law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trnava in 2008. Part of her studies was a scholarship at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hamburg completed in 2006/2007 thanks to the Copernicus e.V. Hamburg, as well as a follow-up internship at the law firm SEDLATZEK RECHTSANWÄLTE (01-03 2007) and an internship at selected police departments, organised by the Hamburg Regional Police School (08-09 2007).

She completed most of her internship in the law firm KREJČÍ & MIKULÁŠOVÁ (2008-2009) and later in the law firm JUDr. VLADIMÍR SIDOR (2012-2014), with whom she still works closely.

From 2009 – 2012, she worked as a Police Force investigator at the Criminal Police Department of the District Directorate of the Police Force Bratislava II.

Since 2015, she has been working in Banská Bystrica as an independent lawyer and at the same time a translator registered in the list of translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic in the field of German. Since 2021, she has been providing legal services within the law firm Wiedermann & partners s.r.o.

She is registered under no. 7100 In the list of lawyers of the Slovak Bar Association.

Our office has been cooperating with these lawyers for a long time:

JUDr. Vladimír Sidor
AK Sidor a partneri, s.r.o.

Mgr. Ján Jagoš
lawyer and administrator of bankruptcy assets
AK LEGES Advisory s.r.o.
(Banská Bystrica)

International road freight transport

As the majority of our agenda consists of commercial law relationships of a foreign element – especially in the field of international road freight transport – over time we have established cooperation with dozens of law firms with similar professional focus, located mainly in Austria and Germany, but also in other EU countries.